Book Study

I’ll be sharing my study notes, reflection, thoughts as I go through the books of the bible. By the way, I am no expert in this. All I have is a desire to know the God of the bible in a personal level as I study His word.


#1 Joseph: A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness (Great Lives Series: Volume 3)



I totally recommend this book. The book focuses on the life of Joseph (“the dreamer”). I love how Charles Swindoll examined every part of scripture with this. I learned a lot from this book.











#2 David: A Man of Passion and Destiny (Great Lives Series #1)



Like the first book I read in the Great Lives Series by Charles Swindoll, this books showed me a deeper understanding of the life and character of David.  Interesting as I could very much relate to the seasons in David’s life where he was mistreated, belittled, and ignored. Great supplementary piece to take lessons from today!


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