Ernani Omar Cruz.

This is not a story about me. No, this is a story of God in my life.
Jesus is the hero, not me. None of this can be credited to me. This is His. I am His.
This is my testimony of Christ’s work, grace, love, and mercy in my life. May this blog encourage you to seek Jesus, the Lamb of God, and to have your own walk and testimony of His in yours.

To God Be All The Glory.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. hi sir!

    we would like to invite you to join the “run for your life” on aug. 17 at the UP campus and can you pls. help us spread the word to the other runners? pls. email thumbieremigio@yahoo.com for details. thank you very much!

  2. hi omar, I enjoy reading your blog. Hope to catch up with you in other races. Have a good weekend… Happy running! -ibanrunner-

  3. Thanks ibanrunner and mountainrunner73!

    @ibanrunner: Wow, just saw your blog and man you run a lot.. quite a hardcore if you’ll ask me. 🙂 Hope to see you on the next races.

    @mountainrunner73: Sir, sure. I would be glad to promote the event and be able to run too. Can you post a link here for the details? I’ll send you and email request later. Thanks! 😛


  4. Hi Omar,

    I was reading your blog and your travails a few months back and found some of your post quite moving. I rediscovered your blog from tech spec. You got wonderful stories to tell, keep on blogging!


  5. hello, sir geneordanz! Thanks for the wonderful comment. Didn’t know I was moving someone there :P. Thank you sir. I hope I’d be able to give more than just expressing my little self on this mega world.

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