Meeting an Angel Today.

Today, I met online an angel, an angel investor to be precise. The meeting was mostly me doing the pitching and them listening and asking questions here and there. It was my first time to do this kind of thing. It was my baptism of fire

Good thing, I was able to make and revise our pitch deck the night before and so it was what I shared to them while I was presenting. They were 2 guys — one from Japan and the other was, I believe, listening from Australia.

The funny thing was, the first guy was having his poker face all throughout and I don’t have any slightest clue if I was able to deliver my message across as I meant it. No. Clue. At. All. Right after my presentation and after the questions have been answered, he just told me that he’ll send and email about it, then hung up. That’s it.

I was literally stunned at my place. It happened so fast, I don’t even know how to react. I wasn’t even asked to ask. So, my first experience talking to an angel investor was something to write about — thus, here I am.

I shall write again if I were successful or not. For now, lets keep it at that.