Before I Go to Sleep

Chronicles of a Startup Founder (part 1)

I still think that I’ve made the right decision to quit my day job at some tech company working with a Project Manager (this link here says a lot about hiring someone who is not a cultural fit)who disrupts your work more than I can ever tolerate. Yeah, I think I did the right decision. It was a big push for me to really move with my ever procrastinated idea of really doing my startup idea.

However, it came with a heavy price tag. All of my savings got burnt already. 6 months and I’m living off my parent’s gracefulness. Aside from that, I am working almost double (at some days) than the rate I was doing back when I was with my last corporate job. Nevertheless, I love it. I love thinking. I love flowing with ideas. I love working to solve gut problems — and not office problems and not those mindless clutters of senseless debates and power struggles of office politicians.

With the startup, I have a sense of direction. I have a sense of personal mission. I have a clear vision. It’s amazing how one can just go on and on working on what they are passionate about. It really frees you up. This is freedom from BS (sorry I don’t have any better word to describe it). It’s that bad. It’s worse getting stuck with people who play on people’s trust.

Moving on.

The journey so far is sweet and mostly encouraging. I just feel that we can move faster than our current rate. I feel that I have an amazing team and we can all execute our responsibilities well. It’s tiring to be honest. But in my 10 years working for different people, different company cultures, and different technologies. It’s only now, I felt the real need to just happily learn. And, constantly remind yourself to focus on the main thing. I saw the movie Limitless starred by Bradley Cooper and wished there’s something like that. I think I can finish up more work — excellently. Oh well.

Maybe I am just getting impatient to have our product shipped. Maybe, I am just anxious how we can get more customers to try our service out. Maybe, I am just so deeply into this that I can’t wait for this to grow.

Or maybe, I just need to sleep now. I think so.

Day 60. Is it?

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