Polytron Technologies’ Smart Privacy Glass

Polytron Technologies, Inc. is a leading electronic and optical vision glass/film supplier worldwide. Polytron supplies many creative and unique electronic and optical vision glass/film products to designers, high-end home/office decorating companies, and furniture manufacturers…etc. We are dedicated to supplying our designing/manufacturing clients brand-new and unique product materials that will exceed their expectations. Our product lines are quite versatile, thus compatible with all sorts of design concepts. Polytron is a specialty, architectural glass company, supplying high quality PolyvisionTM Privacy Glass (switchable glass, PolyvisionTM Film), POLYMAGICTM LED Glass (LED glass, LED film), PolyholoTM Glass (holographic glass, PolyholoTM film), PolyflushTM Glass (PolyflushTM Film), PolyGlowTM Glass (PolyGlowTM Film) PolyscreenTM Glass (PolyscreenTM films), PolydigitTM display Glass (dot to dot LED technology) and PolytouchTM (optical multi touch screen). Located in Taiwan, Polytron Technologies, Inc. is committed to offering the best products at competitive prices to all customers in the international community. Polytron Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of Polytronix, Inc., an American company that provides the patent product PolyvisionTM Privacy Film to the Taiwan operation and Polytron also has a branch company- Polytron Technologies (Xiamen) Co,.LTD locate in China Xiamen to service China customers. This combination of companies is ready to meet customer needs for new choices of architectural and decorative materials for the world marketplace. Our skilled research and design teams utilize the highest quality raw materials to provide our customers with new application perspectives to compliment their particular skills and creations. Polytron Technologies, Inc. is focused on keeping our technology in the forefront and our quality at the highest level, designing new products and creating new forms of material in order to deliver the best products to our clients.

Polytron is one the business I’m working on. The setup is a Sales and Marketing business here in the Philippines for Polytron Technologies Inc. in Taiwan. I can say that finding clients is quite hard with this niche products as most developers are not yet into this type of glass technology and would rather get blinds for the price. I hope there would be some big break before the year ends.  If you’re interested you can reach us at this email addy:


Thank you!


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