On Making My Passion Count.

Raining. Back aching. 3 hour sleep. Still working. It’s been a few months since I resigned from my corporate job and focus on what I believed I needed to do. It’s been months since I received a salary and now, my savings are gone. Wiped out. Hey, I need to feed my family and pay the bills. It’s not easy when you go to that point where there’s nothing left. And the business you’re trying to put up is still far from where you envisioned it to be.

A lot of things happened and a lot of delays. But I can say that it’s all worth it.

Without my parents and my sister’s financial backing, I would have been dead by now. Seriously. I really appreciate them to bits. I am thanking the Lord for them and for this wonderful time of humbling. There are so much learning and application that this phase gave me the opportunity to experience. I can’t wait for what’s next.

I appreciate also my wife who was very patient with me and with all the shortcomings that I had. I’m still blessed. I appreciate how she does the thinking for me when I’m totally helpless already. Yeah, there are quite a lot of instances when I was really out of gas. She was the one who provided the extension. Thank you.

So, this application, service, product that I’m working on is somewhat the totality of the journey I have so far. It’s really tough to find people to join your team. Tougher when it’s going to be with little salary. It’s also tough to find investors who’d trust you enough to put money in your cause. It’s also tougher when you see competitors popping up here and there. I remind myself, I don’t have control over them. What I do have control is myself – the things I will do; the things I will decide on; the things I will invest my time and (little) money on. And that’s where I should focus on. The rest, I live it up to the Lord in prayer.

to a higher perspective

Success for me is not accumulation of money. Success for me is the everyday step towards your goal. It’s that progress on the daily basis. It’s that journey from one point to another. Money is just a by-product. More importantly, success is reaching your God-given purpose. Using your given abilities and sharpening your skills for that. All for the glory of God.

This season of pruning, hardship, and pain taught me a lot about faith. The hardships brought what I’m really made of and how lacking I am without Him. So, in every step of the way, I know this is with Him. And that, I know I am safe. I am secured.


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