Jeremy Passion Concert

Jeremy Passion Concert

Been following and listening to Passion since 2008 or 2009 and only last night that I was able to see him perform live. It’s extra special since I’m with my special someone – wife. Inspiring music and he spoke much love to his Mom and grand mom by dedicating songs to them. He spoke about his walk with God. Encouraging for me because of this young man’s platform to give honor to the Lord.

Check out his youtube page.


And now, I’m using USANA products. In particular, Nutrimeal.


Just want to say that, by following the program of Nutrimeal, I’ve lost 12 pounds already. I was obese for my height according to the BMI. I initially weighed 202 lbs (91 Kgs).  After 8 days I now weigh 190 lbs (86 Kgs).


I’ll document more of this on my next post.