Why Google doesn’t care about hiring top college graduates


Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned

Over the course of 9 months leading a very talented group of software developers, I’ve experienced some highs and lows with them. The project I was handling was quite over its intended tenure due to internal and external forces which I won’t detail here. But for the purposes of leadership to which I am at, here are the 4 things I’ve learned:

1. Standing up for the Right Thing  – When faced with competing pressures and contrasting expectations, I learned that you just need to go and choose to do the right thing. That simplifies everything (though sometimes very impractical). Standing up for the right thing has 2 component namely: Knowing the Right Thing and Having the Courage to stand firm from that. Of course, on one hand, if you don’t know what is right, and you just have courage, you are just arrogant. On the other hand, if you don’t have the courage, even if you know the right thing, you are just a plain coward. Your influence to the team sinks to all time low

2. Nipping things at the Bud – This is dealing with little issues to prevent it becoming a bigger monster later. As simply as that, you just have to nip bad things immediately. For example: slacking team member, uncooperative behavior, divisive team members, etc.. You just have to deal with it while it’s still small. Keeping it lurking and unchecked will eventually bite you back harder later and it’s harder to deal with then.

3. Visibility – I’ve learned that as a leader. Your team looks up to you. They need to see you leading at the front (to rally), at the back (to support), and with them (to reinforce).  A leader has to swiftly be on those fronts where their team can bank on and give their trust to you. 

4. Consistency – need I say more? Ok, fine. Consistency is what separates good from great. 

“bring you back”

“For a brief moment I abandoned you, but with deep compassion I will bring you back” – Isaiah 54:7

Abandoned – This was exactly what I felt all these years. And reading this verse filled my heart with so much joy and relief that the Lord is bringing me back because of his deep compassion. Thank you Jesus. 🙂