A Vision for the Philippines’ Innovation Economy, & a 4-Point Plan to Achieve It (and why it does NOT include Venture Capital)

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There’s an area that cuts through Makati City in the Philippines that is home to the densest concentration of emerging startups and financiers in the country.

This corridor starts at the west end of Ayala Avenue. As you head east, you’ll have easy access to parts of Legazpi Village (where the offices of Hatchd, A-Solutions, Spiralytics, Lazada, GrabTaxi, and Bridge are located) and Salcedo Village (AVA, Lenddo, LevelUp’s 1st office, TasteCentral, Pormada, and a ton of BPO companies).

Once you hit the middle of Ayala, you’ll be near the daily deal giants (MetroDeal, CashCashPinoy), Signal Data, and PLDT’s Ideaspace incubator. BPI – who is quietly building a mobile payments infrastructure with Google – is worth a mention. Of course, Tower One is just around the corner, where Jaime & Fernando Zobel are hatching innovations at Ayala Corp –…

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You will say th…

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C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.