Vietnam 2013

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

What a way to kick start the year. Prayer and Fasting with 2 new travel buddies in a country I haven’t been to.

1) Trying out Vietnamese food for the first time – Pho, Ban Minh, Fruit Shakes, and the Vietnamese Coffee.

2) Experiencing the “United Nations” round table discussions. We met new people from Germany, Australia, Denmark, UK, Argentina, New Zealand, and of course, Vietnam.

3) Getting ripped off by an airport taxi cab who charged us initially 900,000.00 Dong (and later lowered it to 600,000.00 Dong – still overpriced though) *metered Taxi only takes about 200,000.00 Dong (tip included)

4. Seeing (in close up), a small horse getting pissed off. It kicked repeatedly the carriage (the one we’re riding on).

5. Firing AK-47 rifle. (at least pulling it’s trigger, and shooting a target from a fixed mount.. boo!).