United Nations Singapore 2009

Sleepy Sams, Singapore.

It was one hot and humid night, I was relaxing at the hostel I was staying at. There, I met some people from different countries who were travelling as well. It was a night of cultural exchanges. We had insightful conversations about life, world, and even none sense talk. It was fun and sometimes a bit annoying for me – that I was a little shy or at least reserved. Yet, it was one of the things I am grateful for.

Interesting cultures and different perspectives were the 2 main take away for me that night. Some of these guys, I still have contact with through Facebook. Awesome. Thank God for technology.

Countries represented: Australia, Switzerland, S. Korea, USA, UK, Netherlands (Holland), France, Japan, Singapore, China, Sweden, Austria, Mexico, Germany, and of course, Philippines.

(some of the people I met were not in this photo)


Incremental Progress

For the past month or so, I’ve been busy with work (my day job as an IT professional). During weekends, I was doing photography shoot for portfolio update, helping on the video shoot for the church’s single’s ministry, and working on my farming ideas.

I’ve minimized exposure (distractions) from the habitual 10 minute browsing over Facebook, which turns to an hour’s worth. I deactivated my FB profile since and it’s running for about a month now without fb and twitter.

Yet, I think I’m not really doing anything coherent and incremental. I need to work on that.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and you plans will succeed” – Proverbs 16:3



*photo grabbed from the net.

Tabuk, Mountain Province April 2012


Sometimes I wonder and ask God, why. Why are there so many people living in, for me, inconvenient life styles? Why does He allow suffering to happen? I know He has a purpose but sometimes, I can’t help but ask why. Sometimes, I’m the one asking God why He let me suffer and let me endure inconveniences.

2 perspectives.

One would be, Me looking to myself and see all that is difficult. The other would be me looking at the less fortunate people and see all what I’ve been blessed with.  It’s bittersweet sometimes.

Wait. There’s another perspective. It’s God’s perspective. The moment, I try to base everything to His perspective, things get way way above my futile understanding. Things are easier to digest and be more focused on what should be done to the blessings I receive from God. And life here, is but a vapor.. for we are ought to live with the mindset of eternity – the life after this. And, I think that’s where the real deal is.